Phi Mu

James Madison University

– Gamma Theta –

Executive Committee

Olivia Marsteller


"I ran for the position of president to make a positive impact on our chapter and its members. Being a part of this chapter has allowed me to grow personally and develop strong friendships, and I wanted to provide the same opportunities for every member. My passion for Phi Mu's mission and values inspired me to take on this leadership role. In this position, I am responsible for serving as a liaison between our chapter and the national organization. I guide and represent the members of Gamma Theta, ensuring that the chapter upholds its mission and values while fostering a positive and inclusive environment. Working closely with the other executive board members and our chapter advisors, I collaborate on planning and organizing events, managing finances, and addressing any concerns within the chapter."

  • Hometown: Leesburg, VA
  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Entrepreneurship

Erin Meier

Vice President of Committees

"I am the head of all of the committees, and help plan and organize the events put on by committee heads. I ran for this position because I was social chair last year and loved being involved, and wanted to be on exec to stay involved and work more closely with our chapter!"

  • Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
  • Major: Kinesiology
  • Minor: Pre Physical Therapy, Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

Melissa D’angelo

Vice President of Chapter Development

"My role on the Executive Board is to lead members at the weekly chapter every Sunday at 3! Here, I educate our girls with the information provided by Phi Mu nationals through our Member Experience program. I ran for VPCD because I understand the importance of these programs, and found ways to make them engaging for the whole chapter. I also love watching the girls in this chapter grow together as individuals and as a sorority".

  • Hometown: Long Island, NY
  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Youth Justice Studies

Afton Mulkey


"I ran for this position as a way to get more involved and give back to the chapter that has given me lifelong friends. In this position I handle all of the sorority’s finances"

  • Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: Entrepreneurship

Bella Demaso

Membership Director

"I ran for my position because I loved recruitment and how exciting the process one. I wanted to be the person to make recruitment happen and see the behind the scenes. I love showing potential new members why our chapter is so amazing."

  • Hometown: Alexandria, VA
  • Major: Elementary Education

Gabi Schultz

Provisional Member Director

"After being assistant phi director last year, I knew this was something I was extremely passionate about. The transition into college and Greek life if very challenging, coming into college I did not know anything about Greek life other than the stereotypes. Phi Mu helped me find my best friends and feel a part of something bigger than myself and I want to be able to share that with each new member that enters our amazing sisterhood. My main role is to educate new members on Phi Mu’s values, history, resources, and many other aspects of what we have to offer. It is also important for me to make sure that new members feel heard and welcomed as they are integrated into our large chapter. My favorite part is seeing how each of the new members I meet becomes such an impactful part of our chapter. "

  • Hometown: Pittsburg, PA
  • Major: Intelligence Analysis
  • Major: Psychology

Téa Iverson

Recording Secretary

"I ran for this position because i wanted to get involved and be a role model to the ladies in this chapter, i am in charge of attendance and meeting minutes for exec and the chapter."

  • Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
  • Major: Intelligence Analysis
  • Minor: Criminal Justice

Katie Smith

Corresponding Secretary

"I love Phi Mu so much and it has made experience at JMU amazing, so I always knew I wanted to give back to this chapter!!"

  • Hometown: Baltimore, MD
  • Major: Business Management
  • Minor: Human Resource Development

Lauren Orsi

Panhellenic Delegate

"I ran for my position because I believe it is important for Phi Mu to have excellent connections with all 12 sororities at James Madison University! External connections and programming helps educate our chapter members on different things, such as women empowerment, DEI, and navigating the world as a young woman. I help our chapter understand all things Panhellenic and serve as the delegate to make important decisions for JMU’s Panhellenic Council. It is such a rewarding position!"

  • Hometown: Chantilly, VA
  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Criminal Justice

Bella Smith

Academic Excellence Chairwoman

"I ran for the academic excellence position because I am very passionate about school and I wanted to help motivate others. It has been a great opportunity to get people to study together focus on their schoolwork!"

  • Hometown: Richmond, VA
  • Major: Nursing
  • Minor: Chronic Illness

Skyler Hundley

Philanthropy Chairwoman

"I ran for the Philanthropy Chair because I have always been passionate about partaking in a bigger cause and giving back to my community. As Philanthropy Chair I am responsible for getting the chapter involved in efforts to aide the Phi Mu Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I am also responsible for getting the chapter involved in community service."

  • Hometown: Centreville, VA
  • Major: Biology
  • Minor: Pre-PA & Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

Clara Plaster

Honor Committee Chairwoman

"I ran for this position to create a more comfortable and approachable honor process that’s focused on accountability between our sisters and bettering ourselves:)"

  • Hometown: Richmond, VA
  • Major: Elementary Education

Emily Burns

Public Relations

"I ran for public relations chair because it is something I am very passionate about. I love getting to show off our sisterhood on various platforms!"

  • Hometown: Lewes, DE
  • Major: Communication Studies
  • Minor: General Business

Mary Carter Curry

Social Chair