Phi Mu

James Madison University

– Gamma Theta –

New Member Experience

The Phi Program – This eight-week new member program enhances the Phi Mu Experience by helping new members transition into Fraternity membership.  The online component includes an orientation, expectations of membership and journal prompts which help our new members begin their lifetime involvement in Phi Mu.  The online modules in partnership with Phi meetings provide new members with the framework for personal, academic, social and professional growth.  

The Phi Program is an 8 week long program that helps our new members grow into becoming a member of Phi Mu. Through this program, new members learn the history, values, and ideals that make our sisterhood so strong. The Phi Program also includes many fun events such as Phi retreats, Big Little Week and Reveal, and sisterhood events such as apple picking and snow tubing. It is Gamma Theta's goal that our new members feel as supported, empowered, and welcomed as possible - and the Phi Program is so important in accomplishing that. The Phi Program gives these women a chance to make lifelong friendships and find their home away from home.